Beaver POLYbridge



Complies with BS4592-0:2006+A1:2012 5kN/m2 loading requirements.


With a design life in excess of 60 years, POLYbridge TM is highly impact resistant, will not rot like wood or rust like steel and will keep its good looks long after traditional alternatives need to be replaced. Unlike fully recycled plastic profiles, the glass reinforced outer skin means units will not warp and twist through thermal expansion when exposed to sunlight.

Environmentally friendly

Wood preservatives can be very harmful to the environment and toxic to many animals and plants. But above all else, they only work in preserving wood for a short time, resulting in further negative environmental impact when they need regular replacement. With no leaching of contaminants and a core that contains 140 recycled 500ml plastic bottles per square metre: POLYbridge TM is great for the environment in so many ways.

Highly Aesthetic

POLYbridgesTM and POLYwalksTM are hard to distinguish from natural wood, with a range of shades to suit the surroundings where they are installed. A drawback for steel and other composite bridges is the industrial hard way that makes them standout in an otherwise natural environment.


Factory pre-made bridges and walkways are easy to handle and carry. As such, they can be taken to sites that are often hard to access and lifted into place and fixed. This leads to drastically reduced installation times when compared with wood or steel.

Installation service

As POLYbridgeTM and POLYwalkTM are so simple to install, why wouldn’t we offer this service?


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