Bridge Demolition

Bridge demolitions are some of the most technical demolitions undertaken. They require extreme caution and care to ensure minimal debris escapes onto roads or other surfaces and items, as well as the protection of the roads, railway tracks, waterways, etc. There are also various materials and components included in the construction of a bridge that requires different methods and techniques for demolition.

Beaver Bridges can offer a full service for all bridge requirements, this includes the demolition and removal of existing bridge structures. 

Prior to the commencement of any demolition project, Beaver Bridges prepare a full structural assessment and produce a comprehensive method statement to address any risk elements and provide a method to work to.

We ensure the safety of all present at the site, before, during and after the works have taken place.
Our management team and our workforce are highly skilled and have vast experience and versatility in delivering quality design and in the implementation of solutions for controlled environment bridge clearance projects.   Our privately-owned fleet of plant and haulage is of huge advantage to us and helps reduce costs and improves upon deliverability.


Bridge Demolition - Case Study

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  2. Footbridge Removal, London.
  3. Bridge Demolition, Lancashire
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