Bridge Surveys and Inspection

Inspection is an essential part of bridge maintenance and must be conducted systematically and not just confined to those occasions when there is a breakdown or failure.  It is therefore essential that the condition of your structure is reviewed and monitored on a regular basis.

The prime focus of all bridge inspection is public safety and prolonging the economic life of the structure.  Our inspection service aims to keep disruption to the customer and third parties to a minimum.

The regular inspection process gathers information on a structure in respect of defects and can record deterioration over time.  Beaver Bridges recommend the standards set by the Department of Transport (DoT) and to carry out regular inspections and reporting of structures with the following frequency:

Principal Inspections 6 yearly: This level of inspection requires a close examination (within touching distance) of all necessary parts of the structure, including access equipment and non-destructible testing.

General Inspections 2 yearly: This consists of a visual inspection of all external parts of the structure. Access equipment may be required in some cases.

Superficial Inspections Yearly: This type of inspection consists of a cursory check for obvious deficiencies, which might lead to traffic accidents or high maintenance costs.

Special Inspections Ad-hoc: A special inspection may be required for the following reasons:

  • To investigate a specific problem that has been found
  • Structures that are weight restricted, cast iron or have been subject to impact or fire damage
  • Before and after the passage of abnormally heavy loads on a structure that has been proved sub-standard by calculation.

We also offer Aerial Inspection utilising the latest drone technology to provide aerial surveys of existing and intended structures.

Our CAA licensed drone operators can quickly assess the most difficult to access areas providing a cost-effective solution to your inspection needs.

Due to their size and manoeuvrability, drones and UAVs can access areas where traditional methods of inspection simply can’t reach enabling them to take high definition aerial footage safely and accurately and thereby removing many dangers and hazards.

The competence of our inspection staff is essential to provide peace of mind to our customers that the acquisition of information from the structure is not only relevant but gathered and reported in a standardised manner.


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