Panel Bridges

MPB is a new generation of panel bridge designed according to the Euro-code and is a high quality modular bridge system which meets the following specification:

  • The Panel Bridge is composed of panels of 3.05m x 2.12m and cross beams
  • The bridge is available in a width of 3.15m, but also in extra-wide lane (4.20 meters), double lane (7.35 meters) and optional sidewalks
  • It is designed for 100,000 fatigue cycles
  • The steel used in the manufacturing process comes from approved factories Hot-dip galvanization in accordance to the EN1461

The MPB is shipped in Standard containers.

Two methods of installation are possible with the Panel Bridge:

  • Craning: the use of crane on site, when available, allows a quick and easy assembly and installation
  • Launching: When the site does not allow crane access, the Panel Bridge, which can be carried by manpower, can be assembled manually and installed by launching using a pushing device with a limited capacity.

Advantages and applications

  • Longitudinal modularity: the Panel Bridge can span up to 61 metres
  • Transversal modularity: (single or double lane)
  • Very quick and easy to install, either by craning or launching
  • Easy to transport and to store
  • Permanent bridge
  • Temporary bridge
  • Military bridge
  • Emergency bridge
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