The bridge is protected against corrosion by painting and galvanising.  The main structural elements of the Unibridge i.e. prefabricated girders, are painted with a 3-layer zinc epoxy system, and other bridge components are galvanised in accordance with ISO 1461.  Foot walks can be added to one or both sides of the bridge without affecting the load carrying capacity of the bridge.

Extra wide vehicles and payloads can proceed across the bridge without interfering with the structural members, which are underneath the bridge deck.  An exceptionally high payload can also proceed across the bridge because there is no overhead bracing required on the bridge.

This heavy-duty bridge can span up to 45m without support.  They can be launched in to position or lifted in by crane.  This rapid assembly of pre-designed and prefabricated components is one of the fastest bridges to assemble of this type in the industry.

It is a simple, robust and durable structure suitable for use in emergency situations and as a permanent bridge.

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